DGA Security’s mission for the last 51 years has been to protect the safety, security and property of our customers. Emergency preparedness has always been central to our operation, and we have long prepared for all scenarios including what we are all now facing. We want to reassure you that our team is available and ready to serve you during this uncertain and challenging time.

There is no other priority for us.

DGA has undertaken the following on-going efforts related to COVID-19 to continue to deliver the best protection possible for our customers:

  • Given the life-safety nature of our business, we have received a special designation that classifies our employees as “essential employees.” This designation allows our employees to be exempt from any potential government action that would restrict travel in some way. In such a case, they will be permitted to travel to and from work and to customer sites to provide service.
  • We have a multi-tiered emergency response plan that includes load balancing among our redundant monitoring centers, over-staffing during all shifts to ensure adequate coverage, and providing monitoring agents with the tools to monitor the systems from anywhere.
  • Our DGAOneVIEW video surveillance system and DGAPass access control system are all cloud based, and are not impacted in any way by the issues we are now facing.
  • As always, our DGAConnect portal and mobile app are available 24/7 to help our customers manage their business security and fire systems from anywhere, anytime.
  • We employ an in-house team of cleaning staff working around the clock to keep our facilities safe and clean. Out of an abundance of caution, we have implemented multiple cleaning and disinfecting rounds by our staff throughout the day.
  • We have continued detailed employee education on hygiene and safety best practices, and we have an extensive protocol to protect our employees and facilities if any employee believes they may have been exposed or are feeling unwell.
  • We have non-monitoring employees in all locations working from home to reduce the employee count in our facilities and have allowed for increased separation between monitoring agents.
  • Our leadership team is holding multiple daily huddles as we continue to consult with local health officials and government contacts and follow guidance from the CDC.

Our goal is to help you focus on the well-being of your employees and families with the knowledge that your security and fire system services are in good hands. We are always here for you.

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