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Top 10 Checklist for Designing an Access Control System for Business Security

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Designing an Access Control System

Physical access control is a critical component of your business’s security infrastructure and deserves careful planning. A well-designed access control system can do much more for your business than simply manage who can enter what doors when. It can also help streamline your operations, delight employees and, of course, mitigate security risks. 

To help you design an access control system that perfectly meets your business security requirements and avoid common pitfalls, we've come up with this top 10 checklist. 

This eBook covers the following 10 most important tips:

  1. What are the most common doors and areas that are secured with an access credential reader
  2. How to create access levels using logical groupings within your business
  3. How to choose the right access credential types
  4. Understand how electric strikes and electro-magnetic locks (also called "mag locks") operate
  5. Understand the importance of connecting your access control system with your building fire alarm system
  6. How to avoid common cable wiring mistakes
  7. Understand the impact of a network outage on your access control system
  8. How to layer additional security elements for high-security areas
  9. Understand the First Person In and DoorStat features
  10. Understand the benefits of integrating your video surveillance and access control systems

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